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Spring Bank BNB
Proudly supported by: Habitat Australia And Eco Accommodation Australia.


Using unique design and construction techniques; Spring Bank BNB provides high quality holiday accommodation, employing energy efficient operations to ensure a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

18 unobtrusive self contained Habitats are scattered amongst 40 acres of bush land. Surrounded by the Snow Gum Woodlands of the Thredbo Valley, the Alpine Mountain regions of the Kosciuszko National Park are right at your doorstep.

Spring Bank BNB is a 'Nature Based Eco Tourism Australia Resort', defined by council as; "an ecologically suitable tourist accommodation with onsite waste management and attractions involving support for, enjoyment of, and education about the natural characteristics of the land on which it is located and its surrounding landscape"

If the Australian Alps are your next holiday destination, Spring Bank BNB is the ideal place to stay.
Rated 4 Star


The concept behind Spring Bank BNB is to create luxurious holiday accommodation in the NSW Snowy Mountains whilst ensuring that the environmental impact on the area is kept to a minimum. The steps Spring Bank BNB has taken to achieve this are as follows;

Minimalise Environmental Effects

  • Collection of Rain/Bore Water
  • Worm Farm Waste Management System (with flushing toilets)
  • Minimise water use 
  • Low impact construction techniques including driven pile foundations & high thermal performance buildings
  • Services laid under road

Water Supply

  • Low use fixtures & fittings
  • System designed to use collected rain water first drawing on bore water to meet any short fall in supply


Onsite Sewer Management Facilities

  • The worm farm waste management system allows onsite disposal of all bio degradable waste with flushing toilets!!!

Energy Efficiency

  • Passive Solar architectural design
  • Certified renewable electricity
  • Eco Smart Fire Places
  • High Quality Energy Efficient Appliances

Visual Impact

  • Kept to a minimum
  • Habitats are nestled amongst trees using recessive colour schemes

Chapman Constructions